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After some years struggling, unhappy with the rhythm of our lives and feeling trapped in between jobs, we decided it was time to change everything. And for better!

It was a Winter day, it was pouring rain outside and with two cups of café in front of us, we sat down with a blank sheet of paper and started to write some ideas down.

They started fo flow as we immediately felt very excited and hopeful!

In the end, we had a paper all written with a project that after some time, came true.

At first, it was hard to believe it would actually happen -

we never considered ourselves as tourist guides or anything similar.

We still don’t feel like that.

We are just a couple that happen to love and care about our Backyard

and its traditions very much. Our mission is to show our place in its most pure version,

adding a bit of our point of view and life-experiences as Portuguese. We want to make sure

that people visiting our Backyard, return home with an authentic experience - and not with a

mass-made and superficial one.

So if you like being in a big group, don’t like to interact with people that much or are not interested in learning about Portugal and the Algarve, you are in the wrong place!

For the rest of you, count on us!

Two new friends that will make the possible and impossible to make your day with us a memorable experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are not in your best physical shape or time of your life - we are flexible and can create something according to everyone’s needs.

You just need to talk to us. We are awaiting for your contact and hoping to see you soon in our Backyard!

other missions

Here you can see what we have been doing these last years. Besides sharing with people and showing them our dear home, we also have a small side-project every year.

Being a tourism company - even a small one like us! -, it is inevitable to leave some carbon footprint behind. Our mission is to reduce our impact and try to live a more natural and healthy way, starting with small things: end with the plastic use, clean our Backyard and pick up trash everywhere we go, help Natural & Animal foundations, etc.

We invite everyone to do the same - while with us, but most of all, in our own daily life - even a small action makes the difference! The Planet will appreciate and eventually, we will be able to pass-on a healthy Planet to the future generations!

2018: Raising funds for the Iberian Wolf (read more here)

2019: Tracks and trails free of trash/litter (read more here)

2020: ... coming soon ...

friends & friends

Our best friend and designer with that “wow” factor, The Comeedian. If you have a project and need a design for it, ask him some help on your project!

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Some goddies from our favorite baker, Devaneios de Chocolate.

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